Cory Hitchen (Executive Officer)

022 427 4404

Like most New Zealanders I grew up playing all sports but as I got older, I found myself focusing on playing football which meant playing golf throughout the summer worked out very well.  My participation in golf has been varied throughout the years but it has always remained a passion of mine. I relish the opportunity that golf provides me to exercise, socialise, compete with others, compete with myself and learn about myself. I am a proud family man who has a lovely wife and two beautiful young daughters.  

I have been working within the sporting sector for several years developing a strong reputation for improving club capability, developing strong partnerships and enhancing the community cohesion. Working at a Regional Sport’s Trust for the last seven years has provided me great insight into the ongoing challenges that all sports are facing nationally, regionally and at the local community level. My previous roles have focused on increasing junior participation, facility development and planning, club capability and governance which will be instrumental in working alongside our members to deliver the North Golf Strategic Plan.

I am passionate about providing club capability support for all community clubs and empowering them to improve their club sustainability. I am looking forward to developing positive relationships with everyone in the golfing community and continuing the growth of golf across our region.

David Mullan (Club Development Officer)

021 074 7151