Golf Etiquette


SAFETY: Before swinging the club, make sure that no one is standing close by.

SLOW PLAY: A player or group that is playing slowly will let the faster players behind them play through.

BUNKERS: Before leaving a bunker carefully rake over and smooth the footprints and holes that you make.

DIVOTS: All divots should be replaced and pressed down after finishing the shot.

PITCHMARKS: Pitchmarks or holes that your ball makes on the green should be carefully repaired.

TRUNDLERS: Do not take trundlers on to the tee or across the greens.

CONSIDERATION: Do not talk while other players are taking their shot.

SEARCHING FOR LOST BALLS: Help other players to find their ball to speed up play.
Watch all shots in your group so that the balls can be identified easily.

DRESS: Wear suitable clothing when playing golf. You would not play rugby in jandals neither should you play golf in jandals.

LANGUAGE: Bad language on a golf course is not tolerated. It is not smart, it shows a lack of control and if you are playing
against  another competitor, it indicates that you have a weakness.