North Harbour V Auckland

Congratulations to the Harbour Women for winning the Shield for the first time.

Winning team:

Silvia Brunotti, Anna An, Subin Wu, Vaha Fapiano, Yoonjeong Huh, Jessica Green
Haeseung Yeom, Yeonsoo Son, Eujin Kang, Amy Im, Danika Lee, Eunseo Choi, Rebekah Blackwell-Chin.

Scheduled Date - 12th August 2018 at Howick 

Districts - North Harbour V Auckland (Battle of the Bridge)

Teams - Each team consists of 8 seniors and 4 junior girls

Format - Off the stick Match Play.


Past Winners

2018 - North Harbour
2017 - N/P (Weather)
2016 - Auckland
2015 - Auckland

2014 - Auckland
2013 - Auckland
2012 - Auckland

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