Beginner Golf

Reasons you should start golf:

- Golf can be played as an individual, as a team member and with your family in friends.
- Golf can be played by all ages and abilities
- Golf be both highly competitive and social
- Golf offers the chance to exercise in the great outdoors
- Golf is played in stunning locations all around New Zealand and the world

Different ways you can get started: 

- Driving Golf Ranges
Allow players to hirer golf clubs (or bring your own), buy a bucket of balls and hit them down the range.

- Play Casual Golf
Players can book into play 9 or 18 holes at a golf course and pay a course fee. Many golf clubs also hire out golf clubs and course fees can start from as low as $25 per adult.
You should check with individual courses to book and confirm the start time and course fee.
For a full list of golf courses in the Harbour Golf region, visit

- PGA Coaching
Most golf clubs and driving golf ranges in the North Harbour Area have a PGA Professional Coach.
Call the club to book a lesson.
Golf Coaching is a great way to start golf as you learn the knowledge and technique skills needed to play and improve.

- Golf Club Memberships
All golf clubs offer a range of different membership options for those players who want to be associated with a club and play socially and / or competitively.
Membership offers you the opportunity to get a New Zealand Golf handicap which allows you to compete in local club competitions as well as tournaments across NZ.
To find out more about handicapping visit

- Staring golf as a Junior (under 19 years of age)
Golf clubs and driving ranges also offer group junior coaching and programmes for members and non members. School holiday programmes as also on offer at some facilities.

- Golf Equipment
The maximum number of clubs a player may carry is 14. This normally consists of a driver (1 wood), a few additional woods, a number of irons, a wedge or chipper and a putter. When starting golf you will be fine with a basic set of clubs and a lesser number than 14. Your clubs are carried in a golf bag and can be carried or transported around the golf course on a trundler or pull cart. You will also need a handful of golf balls, tees and markers and a pencil if you are going to keep your score.
Golf shoes are encouraged as they offer grip while hitting and walking around the course however flat soled shoes are also acceptable.

A PGA Professional will be able to help you purchase the correct equipment to ensure your golfing experience is a good one.